Jade Parker


Owner / Broker / Marketing Director

(345) 326-1932

[email protected] 


Born and raised in the Cayman Islands, Jade was educated in the UK and US. She is an award-winning journalist, tv presenter and marketer with almost a decade of experience working in the media industry in the Cayman Islands and internationally. After working at one of the top law firms in the Cayman Islands, Jade decided to launch into real estate field full time focusing Evron Realty’s bespoke model and the excitement of cultivating creative content for modern real estate.

Work With Evron Realty

At Evron Realty, we are dedicated to providing you real estate services at a fee that better serves you, the Client. Do not feel penalized for building value in your home and not being able to capitalize on this appreciation. We do not believe in charging more for the same service because a home is worth more.