Bodden Town



Once the capital of the Cayman Islands, Bodden Town might be the district with the most character. The serene, pristine, and peaceful side of the island, will not only give you the rest and relaxation you need but also connect you with the true culture of the Cayman Islands.

Rich in antiquity, cultural and natural histories, Bodden Town is reminiscent of the old-time, where the culture is alive at the beach-side fish fry and jerk stands. The crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches are less-traveled and still somewhat undiscovered. Swim with the turtles at Spotts Public Beach, spend the day at the Pirates Cave’s, or pull up a lounger at Heritage Beach - whatever you decide, a day or two spent in Bodden Town will be well spent in this district.

Bodden Town is largely made up of residential homes, with some historic properties which include The Mission house which rose to prominence during the 1800s and is now held as a tourist attraction. 

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