East End



Across the island, you’ll find East End, the one district that has managed to retain its innate charm. Complete nature hikes at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park while observing the rare Blue Iguanas, walking across the Lovers Wall, and soaking in the salty Caribbean sea at the Blowholes. Prefer to unwind, stroll along the secluded beaches where the array of blues patten the sea, the powdery white sands, and leaning palms trees are exactly what you want to encounter on this tropical vacation.

Travel a little further around the coastline, the few properties along the way reduce in volume but grow in size, including the luxury homes along the Queen’s Highway.

Stop and taste the freshly caught fish at nearby restaurants, where the flavours are second only to the tales told here, and relish in the peaceful, slow-paced vibes that only a place like East End could possibly emit. A perfect long weekend getaway or a day away from the crowds, this district will have you feeling refreshed and renewed and ready to tackle the week ahead.

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